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Proper web hosting is a necessity for any business, big or small. To be successful in the economy, a business needs to be able to keep up with technology and the demand of the consumer. Manpower is often inefficient, and a proper web application is often the correct solution.
Tri Tech will host the web site that you or your company needs. Tri Tech offers unlimited bandwith and many options that will be sure to work for any business, big or small.

Dependable web hosting is necessary for any business big or small. It is your company’s portal to the world. Both existing and potential clients look to your website for news, offerings, and contact information. Being accessible at all times is not a luxury - it is an absolute necessity.

There are a number of factors that contribute to successfully hosting a website and insuring that it is available at all times. A brief description of the elements required for successful hosting will be presented to familiarize you with the concepts and terminologies involved.

Website – a specific collection of data, graphics and video clips that are arranged into pages and sequences available for viewing over the Internet.

Website Address - this collection of information is given a unique name that is referred to as your web address.

Web Server – a computer hosting your website (see above) that provides your website content for viewing purposes over the Internet.

DNS Server – a computer that translates your website name into the addressing schema required to respond to queries requesting your website information.

Communication Lines – the transport vehicle for all data to and from the Internet and the end user

A down website, web server, DNS server, or communications line means that existing and potential customers cannot visit your website. This presents a very unprofessional image to the public and will result in lost business.

Tri-Tech maintains a state of the art data center in a secure offsite location. All websites are housed on rack-mounted redundant servers that are being constantly monitored to insure uninterrupted uptime. Our communications lines have sufficient bandwidth to ensure that your data reaches its intended destination in a timely fashion.

A web site is critical in presenting your image to the world.
Tri Tech offers a complete service for your web site. Our experts can build, repair or support your web site. Our designers have much training and experience to find the best site design and motif for you. Whether a private company, large business or a personal page, Tri Tech can build the site that suits you. Our resources include use of buttons and interfaces, free flash banners, tools, wizards, recommended products, and much more.
We also do custom Web site design, template design, corporate logos, Flash, multimedia, database development and a host of other enhancements. For some examples of the many different web sites we can create and update, please visit our portfolio.


Why sell your products online? Well, for starters, industry analysts that forecast growth rates of 300% or 400% over the next few years are a good incentive. E-commerce is the best idea for building your company. Finding the right way to frame the site, and build the site is always difficult. However, Tri Tech will work with you to customize the best e-commerce site. A site that not only is attractive and interesting but technologically advanced.

Tri Tech will customize the best site that works for your company. Using cost effective measures, Tri Tech will generate a realistic e-business plan that will rival the biggest e-commerce businesses. Whether the company is looking for a site for 5 items, or ten thousand, Tri tech will find the e-commerce solution that will attract the most business. Tri Tech's sites can create a site design that caters to all e-commerce needs. From payment to design, the ultimate solution lies with Tri Tech.

For some examples of the e-commerce sites we've created, please visit our portfolio.

Tri Tech's email services are top of the line services. We can offer any name email addresses, with the option to add on names to the server address. Tri Tech's options include top notch virus protection as well as a spam free account. Should a problem arise we offer free twenty-four hour tech support, with technicians who will work with you one on one, until the problem is solved.

Many companies claim a great email service with great options, however, you often get what you pay for. Here at Tri Tech, you get what you pay for, and much more.

The computer world is complex and difficult to follow. Keeping up with the constant changing operating systems, services, options, computers, software and hardware is a challenging effort. For a home or small business, maintaining and updating a server and components is a very inefficient method. That's where Tri Tech comes in to help you.

We will effectively take the problem off your hands. Tri-Tech will maintain your servers at our state of the art data center. Our customers will be connected from their offices to their servers through the fastest connections available today. It seems as if the server is right there. Tri Tech has twenty four hour tech support as well as upkeep for the server. Tri Tech will insure that the best software and hardware available on the market today are being used and maintained. The best server co-location is found at Tri Tech.



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