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Keeping a close watch on the technology today is both time-consuming and frustrating. Following all the updates and hot items is difficult to know what's "hot" and what's "not". Unfortunately, businesses need to have the most updated hardware and software to stay competitive. Updating old systems is a large hassle, and in house updating takes time and money.

Tri Tech can bring your company from an old legacy system to a state of the art, updated technology center. Tri Tech's experts will work with you to find the system that is both top of line and works best for your company. Our solutions are financially efficient and expertly advised.

Tri Tech supports both Microsoft and Intel platforms. We service all related technology in PC's, software and hardware. Our certified service technicians can be relied upon to provide you with prompt, reliable and friendly support. You can rest assured that our service technicians will explain the problem and how it to resolve it in plain English. We will work with the customer until good solution is reached.

What is a business solution?

Every business has processes that are critical to the smooth operation of their day-to-day operations. These processes must be analyzed and understood so that they can be made to produce better results more efficiently. As these processes are automated, streamlined, and made more reliable the company will experience great improvements in image as well as bottom line profitability. The process of analyzing and recommending improvements is called Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).

At Tri-Tech we work with our clients to understand their businesses, needs and goals. Once clearly defined, our team of highly trained professionals will design a state of the art business solution utilizing the latest in hardware, software, communication, and network protocols to allow for the realization of all desired objectives.

Technology is developing at such a rapid pace that almost daily we hear about advances and innovations that are supposed to assist us in making our life easier and at the same time more productive. At Tri-Tech it is our job to keep abreast of these new processes, technologies and innovations.

Tri-Tech has years of experience in helping businesses achieve greater profitability and efficiency by providing tools to improve processes in the following areas:

a. Wholesale
b. Retail
c. Warehousing
d. Distribution
e. EDI
f. Bar-Coding
g. Insurance

Some areas of our expertise in the field of technology are:
a. Networking
b. Hardware
c. Software
d. Communications
e. E-Commerce
f. Telephony

At Tri-Tech we seamlessly mesh your business model into the threads of the latest technological advances to allow you to do what you do best – your business, in the most efficient manner. Today more than ever accurate information processing, quick turnaround and timely response to queries are the formula for success. Let us engineer a solution that will afford you the edge you need to compete in today’s fast paced business environment.

Call us today at 212.252.0100 to find out how you can benefit from a Tri-Tech Business Solution.

Just as its important to keep up with the business, and to upgrade, included in the concept is system analysis. Do you know if your system is obsolete? Perhaps your company's software can be upgrade to a more competitive level. Perhaps the hardware in your firm is slower than molasses. Getting regular system analyses from Tri Tech's trained professionals is the best way to assure the most updated system. Being in contact with experts from Tri Tech will assure that your company is in the driver's seat on the information super highway.

Time means change. And as time goes by, our companies require change. But how much change? How much needs to be restructured and reorganized in our companies? What can we trust to bring into our companies?

Here at Tri Tech we have worked hard to find solutions to reengineering companies in the best way. Business processing is a common component of businesses's today who are working to get ahead of the competition. Our experts will help your company reorganize for the best long term and short term growths. Tri Tech has efficient and competitive solutions for Business reengineering that will result in high gains for the client and customer.

Wouldn't it be nice, if programs ran when you wanted them to? Without even being there, the application would run and execute, on a systematic basis? Systematic application programming sets up applications on your system to run when you want them to. Tri Tech's technicians will set up your system to accomplish your work for you, when you cant. Tri Techs's solutions are practical and efficient ways to doing business.



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