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Tri-Tech has experience in installing all sizes and configurations of networks (LANs, MANs & WANs).

Our job starts by meeting with the client to discuss the goals and scope of the intended network. Once the network is defined, we will perform a site survey to determine the optimum configuration and the components required to construct the network.

Our team of certified and experienced network professionals will assist you in all phases of network installation from site preparation thru equipment configuration.

Tri-Tech’s initial services include:

  • Network wiring
  • Procurement of hardware
  • Configuration of hardware
  • Procurement of software
  • Configuration of software
  • Installation of Network Operating Software
  • Installation of software
  • Internet integration
  • Wide-area network integration
  • Virus protection
  • Intrusion detection

  • Our job does not end there; we also maintain the networks on an ongoing basis. Tri-Tech has a complete suite of the best available hardware and software tools designed to monitor the vital signs of a network and spot any potential problem areas long before they become critical. Many issues are addressed without the client aware of a problem ever existing.

    There are many service plans available, one that is for sure suited to your needs. Listed below are the services covered by our maintenance plans.
    1. To resolve problems that arise which affect the proper operation of all servers, workstations, printers and all other network devices.
    2. To maintain and upgrade the operating systems on all machines.
    3. To make changes to the network topology as needed.
    4. To maintain user profiles, file and directory permissions.
    5. To update virus protection at the workstation level.
    6. Maintain backup integrity.
    7. Maintain servers at peak operating performance
    8. To setup new devices as needed
    9. Tri-Tech remote monitoring - preventive maintenance
    10. Insure peak performance throughout the network

    Our technicians are the best in the business. They are certified, experienced, courteous, responsible, available and ready to help you – our client to realize the optimum performance of your network.

    Tri Tech provides complete turnkey solutions for facility wiring and server management. We provide cabling services for both phone and data networks in your new or existing facilities.

    We offer the following services in Facility Wiring:

    • Category 3 Voice
    • Category 5, 5E, and 6
    • Gigabit
    • Fiber Optic Backbones
    • Equipment Racking
    • PA Systems
    • Security System

    Tri Tech realizes the benefits of flexible, plug-and-play network connections that maintain mobility and accommodate temporary, ad-hoc, building-to-building, in building and Internet connectivity. As network requirements change, as new locations open for temporary network access, or as the number of mobile users increases, Tri Tech provides quick connectivity anywhere.

    Tri Tech has the ideal wireless solution for both outdoor and indoor applications, satisfying a wide range of customers: from small to large corporate enterprises, remote offices, Internet Service Providers, campuses, educational and medical institutions, transportation, municipalities, temporary venues and many more.

    Tri Tech has the products that are designed for maximum performance and reliability, delivering high-speed data rates of up to 11 Mbps. They also provide excellent network coverage and support roaming speeds of up to 100km/h (60mph).

    Tri Tech products include both Frequency Hopping (FH) and Direct Sequence (DS) spread spectrum technologies. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum products provide data rates of 3 Mbps and are most suitable for high user density and harsh radio environments. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum products provide high-speed data rates of 11 Mbps - suitable for high rate applications requiring 10BASE-T Ethernet speed for outdoor or indoor use.

    In today's fast paced economy remembering to back up necessary files can be a hassle. Papers add up, meetings go long, and often backing up gets placed on the back burner. However, many don’t realize the importance of backing up on a regular basis. One bad file, one accidental deletion, and important files get lost. Without the proper back-up methods, these crucial files can become unrecoverable.

    However, Tri Tech offers solutions to these hassles. With Remote Backup Solutions, Tri Tech can incorporate all of the essential points of a proper backup strategy with a minimum effort on the part of our customers. Tri Tech provides reliable, secure, affordable, remote backup solutions for businesses throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard.

    Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are the best solution for remote offices or traveling users to get secure access to network resources. Tri Tech currently offers both kinds of VPN’s. Virtual Private Networks can be built using “circuits over a cloud” – meaning network lines lead to a central “cloud” of circuits, which decides where to send the information. The second kind of VPN’s are those built through the use of software tunnels over a public network. Both solutions are secure and safe as well as reliable and economical.

    Tri Tech will work to find the right solution for your business. Through our extensive experience with many different Firewall / VPN Products (including, but not limited to, Cisco, Check Point, Netscreen, and Sonicwall) Tri Tech will provide a secure and efficient product that will fit the needs of your business, while keeping up with the speed of business today.

    Tri Tech has numerous options for the best in virus protection for your Network, Business or PC. Through our experience in dealing with and supporting Virus Protection Programs, Tri Tech can find the best solution for you or your business.

    Intrusion Detection is imperative in today’s age of network and Internet hackers. Intrusion Detection works like a house alarm. The software complement the locks such as authentication, authorization, and encryption that are made to keep intruders out. It also runs inspections that look for unlocked openings. When a window is open that shouldn’t be, the detection software notify you through different sources such as pager, email or an SNMP trap. Another response is automatic that can send the unwanted visitor facing closed doors fast. Some examples of Intrusion Detection include Kane Security Monitor, from Intrusion Detection; OmniGuard/Intruder Alert, from Axent Technologies; and Network Associates' CyberCop.

    Firewalls work in a similar manner, by placing a “wall” between the PC and Internet, a firewall can provide security against unwanted information or hackers. Firewall software offer enterprises to define and enforce a single, comprehensive security policy that protects all network resources. The innovative architecture deliver a highly scalable solution that integrates all aspects of network security.



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