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Tri tech's digital telephony solutions are the necessity for a business today. The system is an open system, which means it makes a partnerhsip between voice and data through computer technology. Open systems puts the customer in control of the buying decisions instead of the vendors. Alternatively, with proprietary hardware, the vendors do whatever they can to get customers to purchase the first system and then they can charge them exorbitant prices. The customer has no choice but to pay them because it’s always less expensive than throwing the system away and starting over.

If you look at all the vendors responding to voice/data convergence its clear that the mission is to to drive the industry to open systems standards and plug-and-play compatibility between technologies. There are thousands of applications running on the standard Dialogic components, and Artisoft, the technology that Tri Tech supplies, is the premier software PBX vendor.

Artisoft is the best option because of its open system software capabilities. It is compatible with any system, and thus makes it a practical and powerful software choice. Now there is no hassling with hardware, or non-compatible systems. This software is not only very manageable, but extremely proficient in its resources. The software allows for complete, user-friendly control. The huge amount of options that Artisoft supplies makes Artisoft and Tri Tech's solutions not only a good idea, but a necessity for any company looking to get ahead of the competition.



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